Taking it back to the BEGINNINg

The Beach House has been rocking worlds and making waves since it reopened under new ownership by husband and wife team John Lichtenberg and Kalen Mehlman in 2013.

Originally open under the moniker The Two Hippies Beach House in 2007, the unique and funky fast-casual eatery quickly found success and a loyal following.


Rebranding with A Splash!

As a former corporate chef, John Lichtenberg was seeking something more entrepreneurial and an excuse to stretch his culinary skills when he scrolled through a Craigslist posting of the restaurant and decided to take the plunge. The Two Hippies Beach House was purchased and “The Two Hippies” was dropped out of the title and The Beach House under new ownership revamped it’s menu to include enticing new additions like the now famous fish and shrimp tacos. Founded on the idea that tacos don’t have to be associated with Tex-Mex cuisine and can be crafted with the same care and quality ingredients as fine dining, The Beach House is a shrine to the liberated taco, a one-of-a-kind concept where “anything goes” meets the art of possible.

The story of The Beach House is a simple one…find what you love and do it!

The Beach House is a combination of everything we love: flavorful food, funky style, and the comfort of home. Adorned with a defunct 1960’s Volkswagen and Mod Podge decor, besides the instant charm of The Beach House, you get a story. And the history behind each item on display, like the history of The Beach House, is often the best part.